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Special Uses:


  • osteoporosis
  • diabetes
  • osteoarthritis
  • lower extremity injuries
  • obesity
  • soft tissue injuries
  • mild Parkinson’s, MS
  • mild stroke
  • post hip or knee surgery
  • gait retraining 
  • return to work programs
  • group exercise programs
  • pain-shoulder, neck and back
    fall prevention
  • cardiac rehab





What a difference the poles have made! I am 61, overweight and have Type 2 diabetes and my feet used to get very sore when I walked. Now with the Activator poles I have no problems with balance, sore feet or going downhill. I enjoy walking because my fears of injury are gone. I feel confident, stand taller and get a better workout than when walking without them. I love the handles because my hands don't get sore like they did from gripping other walking sticks. Bob Lewis, Activator user, Springfield, ON

Activator walking poles are an excellent tool for clients to improve their gait, balance and posture.

Cathy McNorgan, Physiotherapist, Waterloo, ON

I first used my Activator poles following a total knee reconstruction. My rehabilitation period prior to my return to work was not only shortened, it was much more fun!

Jill Blair, Occupational therapist, North Vancouver, BC

We found that seniors using the poles developed more self-confidence, a better self-image and a greater sense of independence.  Peggy Buchanan, MA, director of the physiotherapy and fitness department, Santa Barbara Retirement Community, California

Benefits of the Activator Poles

  • improve posture
  • reduce impact on lower extremity joints while mobilizing
  • improve balance and stability
  • increase confidence while walking
  • improve bilateral and rhythmical movement
  • equalize weight bearing on both legs
  • encourage a functional gait pattern
  • improve coordination
  • increase gait speed
  • increase core strength
  • increase caloric expenditure
  • help prevent falls
  • provide bilateral support
  • improve stability in winter conditions
  • make hill climbing and descending easier
  • improve stability on outdoor terrain (roads and trails)

Why health care professionals should choose the Activator Pole and Techniques for their clients

The Activator Poles and walking technique ensure the highest levels for safety, comfort and performance. You can feel confident using the Activator Poles and technique because they were designed by a Canadian occupational therapist with input from a team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and kinesiologists.

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Research: We are pleased to announce that the Activator Poles are presently part of a research project being overseen by the physiotherapy and kinesiology departments of the University of Western Ontario and Wilfrid Laurier University. 

Funding: Veteran's Affairs Canada - Aids for Daily Living (POC1), BC Ministry of Housing and Social Development (low term disabilites) & Extended Health Benefits for specific clients have provided coverage for the Activator.

How do I learn about using the Activator Poles for my clients?

The Activator Certification Course provides in-depth training for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, recreation therapists, other health care professionals and senior's fitness instructors. See Certification Course for more details - click here

Now approved for continuing credits with Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging (UWO) & CanFitPro.

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